ICES Training and Conference Suite

ICES has launched a brand new training suite, situated on the ground floor of its headquarters in south Manchester, that is available for meetings, training, conferences, workshops, product launches etc. Anyone hiring the training suite also has the added benefit of having the event publicised in CES to over 4,000 members of the institution and many thousand more construction and engineering practitioners who view the website and the read the eBook.

  • A modern and spacious training suite in a friendly and professional environment.
  • Accommodate up to 20 delegates boardroom style or 80 delegates theatre style.
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi, tea, coffee and water.
  • Excellent transport links to Manchester’s motorway, Metrolink and airport networks.
  • Less than five minutes’ walking distance to Sale town centre and hotels.
  • Rates include publication of courses in Civil Engineering Surveyor, website and eBook.

What’s On…

Date Time Cost Description
thinkWhere 9.00am – 5.00pm £450 + VAT (early bird) £500 + VAT QGIS Beginner (2 Day)
This two day course covers basic GIS concepts and the application of simple techniques and processes to analyse and interpret spatial data in QGIS. The course is most suited to delegates who are new to GIS or QGIS. Modules include Introduction to GIS and QGIS; Navigating QGIS; Adding Data; Querying Data; Styles and Symbology; Manipulating Data; Georeferencing; Processing and Analysis and Map Layouts.

12-13 NOV 18

11-12 FEB 19

TO BOOK: thinkWhere Training,
thinkWhere 9.00am – 5.00pm £270 + VAT (early bird) £300 + VAT QGIS Advanced (1 day)
This one day course explores advanced techniques and processes for analysing and interpreting spatial data in QGIS. The course is most suited to delegates who already have a good working understanding of QGIS, or have attended our QGIS Beginner course. Modules include Visualising Spatial Data; Raster Analysis; 3D Visualisation; Processing and Automation; Reporting and Plugins.

29 NOV 18

25 FEB 19

TO BOOK: thinkWhere Training,
ICES-Driver-Trett-transparent 9.00am – 5.00pm £525 + VAT Measurement and its Application to CESMM and MMHW (3 Days)
This three day public course will investigate the hows, whys & wherefores of the measurement of work, either pre-construction or completed work by taking-off quantities and producing bills of quantities in the format of either the Civil Engineering Standard Method of Measurement (CESMM) or the Method of Measurement for Highway Works (MMHW). Attendees will learn the basics of measurement by considering the same in relation to simple construction technology such as earthwork, concrete, pipelines, piling and roads and the development of measurement item descriptions.

Day 1 will cover quantities and measurement; basics of entering measurements on dimension paper; taking-off quantities; measurement and understanding of drawings and simple bills of quantities. The outcome of day 1 is to ensure that all attending are confident in their knowledge and use of measurement applications.

Day 2 will look at CESMM and MMHW; the philosophy and differences underlying CESMM and MMHW; the development and coding of descriptions; terminology and some practical examples. The outcome of day 2 is designed to give those associated with measurement, some confidence in the application of the theory and practice of CESMM and MMHW.

Day 3 will cover quantities and billing exercise; taking-off quantities for a reinforced concrete bridge; converting them for use with CESMM and MMHW; and production of bills of quantities under both CESMM and MMHW. The outcome of day 3 is to demonstrate the ability to take-off quantities and produce competent bills of quantities.

A workshop approach is used throughout to illustrate key points and demonstrate common scenarios which can be encountered on construction projects. Refreshments and lunch included.

20-22 NOV 18

If you are interested in using the training suite facilities please contact Alan Lees at ICES HQ who will happily discuss your requirements with you. For more information click here.

Alan Lees
Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors   +44(0)161 972 3122

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