Recognising and Evaluating Change and the Importance of Records

Module Ref: A7

Duration: 1 day


To provide familiarisation with the principle of change in work requirements, ordered variations, procedures for dealing with change and the importance of recording the effects and consequences for payment and restitution of time lost.


To provide an understanding of:

  • The nature and frequency of change
  • The cause of change
  • The consequences of change and entitlements
  • The evaluation of change
  • The recovery process
  • The importance of records
  • The type of records required and their purpose

Teaching Outcomes

At the end of the workshop, the delegates should appreciate and understand:

  • Some principles of evidence
  • The importance of the tender documentation
  • The basis of the bid
  • Instructions and directions
  • Consequences of change
  • Ambiguities and discrepancies
  • Unforeseen physical conditions
  • Requests for further information
  • ICE change process (variations)
  • NEC change process (compensation events)
  • Contractual remedies
  • Insurance claims
  • Importance of notices
  • Importance of records
  • Extension of time
  • Evaluating change

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