ICE Conditions of Contract (6th and 7th Editions)

Module Ref: A5

Duration: 1 day


To provide an appreciation of the rights and duties of all parties to ICE contracts and to provide an understanding of the claims and dispute resolution procedures.


  • The contract structure
  • Rights and obligations of the parties
  • Contract administration
  • Documents forming part of the contract
  • Dealing with time clauses
  • Change and variation entitlements and obligations
  • Claims and disputes

Teaching Outcomes

At the end of the workshop, delegates should understand:

  • The importance of ensuring a contract is properly formed
  • The significance of each document incorporated into the contract
  • The roles, rights and obligations of all parties under the ICE conditions
  • How a contract should be properly administered
  • The significance of the programme
  • The origins of different types of claims
  • The interpretation of claims clauses
  • The importance of notification of claims
  • The content of, and how to compile, particulars of claim
  • What the engineer should do in respect of claims
  • The opportunities to negotiate claims without the need to invoke proceedings
  • The significance of referring a dispute to adjudication or arbitration
  • The basic features of dispute boards

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