An Introduction to Measurement

Module Ref: A2

Duration: 3 day

Measurement and its Application to CESMM and MMHW (3 Days)

This three day public course will investigate the hows, whys & wherefores of the measurement of work, either pre-construction or

completed work by taking-off quantities and producing bills of quantities in the format of either the Civil Engineering Standard Method of

Measurement (CESMM) or the Method of Measurement for Highway Works (MMHW). Attendees will learn the basics of measurement

by considering the same in relation to simple construction technology such as earthwork, concrete, pipelines, piling and roads and the

development of measurement item descriptions.

Day 1 will cover quantities and measurement; basics of entering measurements on dimension paper; taking-off quantities;

measurement and understanding of drawings and simple bills of quantities. The outcome of day 1 is to ensure that all attending are

confident in their knowledge and use of measurement applications.

Day 2 will look at CESMM and MMHW; the philosophy and differences underlying CESMM and MMHW; the development and

coding of descriptions; terminology and some practical examples. The outcome of day 2 is designed to give those associated with

measurement, some confidence in the application of the theory and practice of CESMM and MMHW.

Day 3 will cover quantities and billing exercise; taking-off quantities for a reinforced concrete bridge; converting them for use with

CESMM and MMHW; and production of bills of quantities under both CESMM and MMHW. The outcome of day 3 is to demonstrate the

ability to take-off quantities and produce competent bills of quantities.

A workshop approach is used throughout to illustrate key points.


Delegates are required to supply their own calculators and scale rules with 1:100, and 1:200 scales. Copies of CESMM3 will be supplied on the course.

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