Commercial Management Workshops

The following training courses have been arranged in partnership with Driver Trett. The Chartered ICES membership competencies have been aligned with our training courses and you can expect them to fill a gap in terms of increasing knowledge and awareness for individuals who attend. It makes a difference in the training and allows us to raise standards in the industry.

NOTE: Any of the three or two day courses can be run and as a one day introduction course. 

A1 Commercial Awareness: 2 days
A1a Contractual Awareness (2 day)
A2 An Introduction to Measurement (3 days)
A3 Civil Engineering Standard Method of Measurement (CESMM)
A4 Method of Measurement for Highway Works (MMHW)
A5 ICE Conditions of Contract (6th and 7th Editions)
A6 New Engineering Contract
A6a Getting Paid Under NEC – A Practical Approach (1/2 day)
A6b Avoding Delay Damages Under NEC3 – A Practical Approach (1/2 day)
A6c Avoiding Compensation Event Underpayment Under NEC3 – A Practical Approach (1/2 day)
A7 Recognising and Evaluating Change and the Importance of Records
A8 Delay, Disruption and Extension of Time
A9 Engaging and Managing Subcontractors
A10 Procurement, Contract Law, Duty of Care and Dispute Resolution
A11 Financial Controls: Reporting and Forecasting