Commercial Management Training Advice

Structured and Non Structured Programmes

ICES Driver Trett Training specialises in advising employers on the provision of early and mid career commercial competency training. Whilst this training is designed to serve the business needs of the company, it also supports appropriate company professional development schemes accredited by the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors.

Typically this training is structured over 3 to 5 years at early levels and can comprise a combination of 10 to 20 workshops delivered over that period. At mid career stage, training will be focused on a similar group of specialist skills and at a much more advanced level. In addition, structured training is essential in evidencing regulatory requirements and forms part of an attractive career package for young people entering the industry.

Several of the industry’s major employers now offer commercial internships, modern apprenticeships or other employment packages for non graduates and school leavers. These are a growing source of future commercial talent for the industry. Such packages are frequently supported by commercial workshops provided by ICES Driver Trett Training either as part of structured schemes or on an ‘introduction to the industry basis’. Some workshops can also be adapted for delivery at career conventions or within work experience or placement schemes.

Training at expert level

ICES Driver Trett Training has access to a number of tutors who are experts in their own particular commercial field. This allows expert training to be offered on, amongst other things, legal and regulatory requirements and dispute resolution.

ICES Driver Trett Tutors

With the exception of the lawyers, all ICES Driver Trett Training tutors have worked as part of the construction team, usually for contractors, for a significant part of their careers. They are closely associated with the demands of the workplace and in several cases recognised experts in their fields. They impart knowledge using pre-planned workshops illustrated and augmented by their own site and construction experience.