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CICES prides itself on delivering excellence and has strategically partnered with a select number of organisations to offer competency based training to members. Delivered by industry experts, training courses are specifically mapped against the commercial management and utilities and subsurface mapping competencies for CICES membership.


For a list of current ICES Driver Trett training courses click here

Training is not a one-size-fits-all. Chartered ICES understand that and by entering into a training partnership with Driver Trett it means that we can be extremely flexible with what we can deliver, and where.

The Chartered ICES membership competencies have been aligned with our training courses and you can expect them to fill a gap in terms of increasing knowledge and awareness for individuals who attend. It makes a difference in the training and allows us to raise standards in the industry.

Chartered ICES and Driver Trett will support you, and your organisation, within the civil engineering industry in developing and demonstrating your professional competence. We understand the industry and we are flexible in our approach, ensuring that you achieve your goals.

It is important to develop competent individuals who are increasing their knowledge, with continuing professional development (CPD), whilst working on various projects. Attending these courses would be of great benefit to an individual and their organisation.

All of our partnership training can be delivered in-house or externally, and we’re there to work in partnership to meet the needs of the industry.

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CICES training partnership with Built Intelligence launched for 2021 giving our membership discounts and access to hundreds of webinars, e-learning and digital support tools & templates – offering professional and comprehensive training solutions.

Built Intelligence work collaboratively with industry experts to develop and deliver training with subjects ranging from BIM, CDM, CESMM4, FIDIC, JCT, NEC,  Project Management and much more with subscriptions from just  £25 per month.  With courses aligned to CITB Standards and CICES competences, there is a mix of live and e-learning, webinars and modules, and bespoke solutions.

With a special CICES members discount of 25% off premium programmes and subscriptions – find out more now at www.builtintelligence.com/cices

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